CareFirst Blue Choice, Optimum Choice, and MDIPA Patients: Unfortunately, CareFirst Blue Choice, Optimum Choice, MDIPA, and some other insurance plans do not cover this service when provided by AAUrology, and do not have any approved lab in their network which does provide this service. As an alternative, AAUrology can do one of the following:

  1. accept a reduced rate of $125 for the service with a signed waiver or
  2. schedule an office visit and perform a traditional urine culture in order to diagnose the existence of any UTI. You may want to contact your insurance company’s Member Representative for more information on their coverage of UTI diagnosis and treatment.

**All Other Health Insurance carriers: Patients will be responsible for any applicable copay, coinsurance or deductible amounts, based on the terms of your plan and your coverage. you will be billed for any remaining self-pay amounts required under the terms of your health plan over and above that after insurance submission.

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