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A Contemporary View of Menopausal Hormone Therapy

Abstract: Enthusiasm for the use of hormones to ameliorate symptoms of perimenopause and menopause has waxed and waned over the years. Both treatment for symptoms and training of women’s health care practitioners in the management of menopause have sharply declined since publication of the Women’s Health Initiative initial results in 2002. Findings from that trial, […]

Coronavirus could shut down independent medical practices across Maryland and the nation

Read any article or watch any news segment about the coronavirus affecting our healthcare system and you will notice a trend: hospitals are the main concern. How can we ensure hospital-employed physicians have access to personal protective equipment? What happens if hospitals begin to lose revenue at astronomical rates, or if their doctors fall ill? […]

Reducing the Risk of Kidney Stones

Did you know that more people develop kidney stones when the weather gets warm than at any other time of the year? It’s a fact. And the primary reason is lack of proper hydration. As the temperature rises, we sweat more. Without proper hydration, the body’s fluids become more concentrated with dietary minerals, which can […]

Think You Have Overactive Bladder? We Can Help.

If you frequently experience a sudden urge to urinate that you can’t control, you may have overactive bladder (OAB). A common condition, about 33 million Americans—40 percent of women and 30 percent of men—live with OAB symptoms. Unfortunately, many individuals who have OAB don’t ask for help. Some are embarrassed or don’t know how to […]

Hematuria: What It Is and What It Means

Hematuria, or blood in the urine, is very common and can affect almost anyone … men, women, and children. While it is not usually something to be alarmed about, it can be a warning sign of a more serious condition. For that reason alone, it should never be ignored. Anyone experiencing blood in the urine […]

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